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Flyby :D

Terrivere's main island was owned by France from 1814 to 1967, and the island which the city of Rio rests on was owned by Italy from 1810 to 1972. Both islands were owned by Spain before the two other countries conquered the island in the Early 1800s.

In 1985, the islands (which were both republics) united into Terrivere. Terrivere is simply put, an enlarged Switzerland, it is very safe and has strict immigration rules. It also has multiple languages, and stays out of most worldwide arguments.

The mayo (a Spanish currency used by both islands since the beginning of time) is the currency, and it is very stable. One mayo is around 4 USD.

The country is still debating to join the EU, and violent rioters have protested changing their beloved mayo into euros.

Called the Rio of the East, Rio is a popular beach destination, and enjoys the Mediteranean climate, and luxury resorts are all over the island. The island, under heavy Italian influence, is popular for Rio pizza.

Both islands have high scientific influence. Commonly, Italians go to Rio for the holidays, and the number of human beings in Rio triples during the summer holidays.

Cars drive on the left in Terrivere, but until 1996, Rio drove on the left but they united.

Terrivere's relations with the US are choppy, and France and Italy are it's allies. The only war Terrivere got into was a small dispute in Iran, and only about 500 Terivian soldiers actually went.

So, I hope this improved your knowledge about Terrivere. Au revoir!

Flyby :D

Merci, Merci!


Merci, merci! Welcome to Terriviere, with the magnificent capital city of Sharbonne and the island of Rio!





Merci, merci. I hope you enjoyed this intro to my city journal. I have only been seriously at Sim City 4 for 2 months and haven't downloaded 2 years worth of custom content. I am trying to improve my pictures my using new downloads such as NAM, NWM, and SPAM.

Au revoir, et bonne journée.

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