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International Airport

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Palm Coast Airport

This is my connecting airport to my palm coast city. It is a small to medium sized international airport with medium sized aircraft. It features a main terminal with two separate concourses, a decent sized cargo area, a train station, one long runway with a complex system of taxiways, a large control tower, as well as the surrounding city ready to be built. Please feel free to comment for questions and feed back. I will be open to your ideas and maybe ill feature them in my cities. :D

>>>Also apologize because it would not let me upload more than these three pictures.<<<


Palm Coast

It's been a while since I've played SC4 period and I felt like making a city similar to one of the Floridian coast. In fact I tried to model it in some ways like the palm beach area in southern Florida This city has a seaport, downtown area, rural area, coastal barrier islands area and several residential communities. I hope to finish the whole thing up soon. I also hope to try and build a connecting city with a decent sized airport.


New Airport

These are a few pix of my new airport using various airport mods (so many in fact that I don't know all their names). It's a work in progress, and I don't know when I'll be done (if I'll be done).

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