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About this City Journal

A concise overview of a large city I have been working on over the past couple of years

Entries in this City Journal


Old and new

By the year 50, the city of Metropolis was choking, both on its growing deficit and by the thick plumes of smoke belched out by the industrial districts. Central government would have declared the city as a 'write-off' if it weren't for a few shining gems in the centre of the carbon blanket. A district renowned for its amateur dramatics societies had spawned some of the most spectacular theatres in the world. By the year 35 Metropolis had to its name the largest and grandest opera house in the world, as well as the biggest theatre stage in the region which hosted acts from around the world. So, central government set about to allocate unlimited funds to save the Metropolitan theatre district.


The theatre district now sits in beautiful juxtaposition with the district of commerce. The vision of old and new becomes most poignant at night when the diamond white office lights of the Paragon Twin Tower Complex shine over the purple-gold lamps of the Raffles Shopping Centre.



Another gift the re-development scheme gave Metropolis was the central gardens. An artificial lake was crafted out of the soft top soil and over 10,000 trees of several species were planted around it. To this day, Metropolis (now called Paragonia) takes solace in knowing that the relaxing paradise of central gardens is a leaf's blow away from the towering concrete jungle of the commercial district.






Greetings fellow Simtropolitans! I would like to share with you a city of mine which I have been nurturing over the past couple of years- from the mud of an old industrial estate to a thriving commercial megacentre. Until recently this flagship city was blandly dubbed 'Metropolis', but to celebrate its second birthday (actually, in the game it is 137 years old!) I have lovingly re-named it Paragonia, as I believe it is a shining reflection of the qualities found in many big cities across the world; a balance of old and new and of nature and concrete.


Paragonia is loosely based around specific areas of real life cities. Most of my inspiration has been drawn from the cities of London, New York and Paris (clichéd I know!), but I feel it has given the city an interesting character that doesn't look out of place.

The main purpose of this journal will be to describe several areas of my city which I feel contribute the most to its character and beauty. I will also point out certain things I have added or modified within the game which I feel makes the experience of SimCity 4 far more immersive and fun in an attempt to give you all ideas for how you can improve your own city!

Parakeet Quay


This is the first district of Paragonia I decided to redevelop, and I wanted to give the impression that the development focused around a derelict trading wharf, much like The Isle of Dogs in London. The idea was to create a body of water which would encroach on the city centre then taper off, cutting out an island-like piece of land which I would then develop on.


The designs were taken directly from the layout of the Canary Wharf with the relevant building beings placed as they would appear in real life. The project, from conception to completion, took about three hours of work. However, I feel the outcome was worth it!

The water models used were from SimGoober's Canal Set and the towers were from NDEX.

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