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Kennedy Island

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About this City Journal

Pictures and maps of Kennedy Island

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I created this Journal and then was distracted by all the happenings in the real world. After so long... here is a screenshot of the entire region I have been working off and on with for almost a decade. I will post close-ups of the cities as I work through them.

Note: This region now has over 50 million people. The original screenshot is also 19MB, so I had to resize and compress to upload it here.



An Introduction

Hello and welcome to Kennedy Island's city journal. I'm the President of Kennedy Island and manage the layout and infrastructure for this massive island. Some basic stats for you:

  • Kennedy Island has 36 million people
  • Kennedy Island is comprised of 256 large city sections
  • Kennedy Island has been under construction since 2004

The island uses some modded buildings, NAM and I occasionally do cheat codes since I'm really just in the game to build interesting stuff.

My largest city has nearly two million people, and I will be posting some screenshots here in the future.

Has anyone else built a massive region like that?

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