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About this City Journal

Doodles was created back in February and only has 1 update, so I'm moving it over here in preparation for the next update coming soon. Newest Update: Image Set Zero (0)

Entries in this City Journal


Image Set 0

Image 1,


Style: Industrial Downtown

Inspirational City: Kansas City, Kansas

Description: This picture was taken in 2008 right after I posted my last DNI (Developing Nipigon Island) update. I love making industrial area's, and downtowns so this came up.

Image 2,


Style: Freeway Interchange/Industrial Area

Inspirational City: Corpus Christi, Texas

Description: This is a standard Texan interchange, with the frontage roads. It also has a industrial area around it. It was taken yesterday.

Image 3,


Style: Under Construction Area/Freeway

Inspirational City: Perry Sound, Ontario

Description: This image was taken early this morning. It showcases a small road being upgraded into a freeway and expansion of the area around it. This is not as North American as the other images.

Please post comments, suggestions or anything else.

The next image set should come in a few months or so.



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