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About this City Journal

From suburbs to skyscrapers - this region has it all growing!

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Bridge XL


Here are my region goals for Pershing:

  • Reach 1 million region residents in 2 months
  • Reach 600k Sims in Pershing City (The large tiles of the region) in 4 months
  • Create 1 million region jobs in 2 1/2 months

The months mean real time, not SC4 time.

Bridge XL


Hello everybody on Simtropolis! :D This is the beginning of the great region of Pershing, a future megapolis full of Sims from all over the world!

But first, like all regions, it starts out as a large, blank plain and grows to become big and beautiful! :ooh:

I hope you enjoyed the introduction to Pershing! :thumb: