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Ceder Plains

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About this City Journal

Midwestern region with attempted humorous newspaper articles

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Uh-oh it appears we had a tornado o.O can't imagine how those cities got hit eh? :evil:

Here's this weeks article.




Here are the whole images of the weather as I feel the smaller photos in the articles don't do much justice.


Lightning hitting Ceder Lake


Ceder Heights Twister


Breeze Twister


Tornado damage in Breeze with ambulance looking for survivors.

Personally I think I might overdone the green stormy look I probably should of used a lighter green.

Don't worry though I've been told the mayors exited without saving. ;)


First Article

I decided I'd like to try out a city journal, So here is my newest region started about a couple of weeks ago. It's not very big but I do take my time and do play around with UDI. The region is supposed to be a kind of midwestern group of cities, unfortunatley have deviated a bit from this vision. Now the idea of this journal is to attempt to bring back those fun humorous newspaper articles you may have seen in Sim City 2000. Currently the idea is to kind of sit back and make fun of some of the problems my cities are having. Although maybe later I might unleash disasters to make articles. :evil: Anyway enjoy the first newspaper entry although it is more of a rough draft. :golly:


I added this here in case you couldn't read some of the city names in the newspaper.


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