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Canals and towers -- welcome to the 21st century

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Regional Information


Welcome everybody to my first city journal! I have been wanting to do one for quite some time, but could never come up with a city worth showing to the public, in my opinion. This update will include some of the general information regarding the region.

Region Name: Commonwealth of Sadaen.

Capital: Wayside

Governor: Tony Eusetta

Lieutenant Governor: Jeff Martinez

Senators: Mark Sommers |R|, Jill Hazel |R|

U.S. Reps: 23

Current Population: 12,339,000

Climate type: Mediterranean

Tallest point: Valley Hill, 10 feet

Lowest Point: Hill Valley, -10 feet

Sadaen is a real wonder. Who would have thought that two lonesome men wondering around in the 1700s could start the small town of Buckley, and turn not only the city, but the entire new Commonwealth of Sadaen into one of the most, according to Forbes, desirable places to live. With an average income of $71,000, money and jobs are commonplace. And the Mediterranean climate is really something to write home about; the state averages more than 320 sunny days per year. The lack of a single threat and the nicely designed canals divide and bring together this state at the same time.

Check back soon for my first city update, the booming commercial town of Sadania. Below is an image of downtown at night.


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