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About this City Journal

A pristine nation north of France

Entries in this City Journal


I've decided to start a new CJ to go with Praqcuis. It will not be a flop like Shipwrecked, and it's main focus will be Earth throughout history. There will be a planned total of 15 entries, from Pod-Roman Britain to the invasion of Russia in 1812. Some will be accompanied by classical pieces, such as 1812 and others will have a large page of facts about that era. An entry will be in a few hours, but here's a teaser: (P.S. If your'e wondering about Praqcuis, I'm still building up the (massive) 3 regions that will make up the nation. ) Sorry! This is the non-photoshopped picture and it looks rather ugly! (Open image in a new tab)




I'm sorry I haven't been doing entries recently as my computer gummed up and when I was in the process, my region was deleted. BUT! Never fear! Praqcuis will be Bigger! Better! Butter! Wait... Sorry...er... Nicer!

Keep in touch to see the newest entry, coming sometime from tommorrow to net week.

Got any ideas? Write them down in the comments section


Lupin Castle Teaser

Praqcuis Replies

nihonkaranws: Wow! I'm very happy you've enjoyed my work!

NMUSpidey: Oooh! Thanks very much! One problem, most people wouldn't sell their houses for $3,000,000!

ThomasSimpson: Hey! Thanks! They took me a while so praise is much appreciated


http://youtu.be/2sdNJ5G2In0 - A little grand music as we head off to the official residence of King Charlemagne ll (If anyone is familiar with the Miyazaki film "The Castle of Cagliostro" you would be recognise with the reference44.gif Oh, and Happy Halloween!



A bit of the islands

Praqcuis Replies:

NMUSpidey- Here- http://www.simpeg.com/forum/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=661 and here:http://www.simpeg.com/forum/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=432

Escinalvia- Thank you! I'm pretty sure they're in CP's flora collection, though I can't seem to access the site.

10000000000000: Thank you! BTW, Maybe you should take a couple of zero's off your name44.gif

Here are some island pictures:


Another island:



And a small section of a city located in a volcano:


So which place do you want in a big update tomorrow?


A few teasers.

Praqcuis Replies:

Yahari: Thanks! I already knew about the 'g' thing but I got carried away with taking photos44.gif

NMUSpidey: Thanks very much! I know, I was rushing a little with the paths!

Terring: Wow! Thank you very much! Yep, I agree with you about those windmills!

Here are a few pictures of a sub-alpine area called The Lake Valley, Enjoy!


A small chapel in a lake


That's all for today! Please rate and comment! Bye!


Praqcuis Replies:

NMUSpidey: Well, thank you! I'll remember those tips!

Escinalvia: Thank you!

Schulmanator: Thanks! You're a big inspiration for my work too!

Here are a few pictures of the wide plains of Soffale,Enjoy!:




That's all for today! I hope you have enjoyed the pictures and there will be more tomorrow, if I have any spare time! Please rate and comment!


Here are of few cities and landscapes I did yesterday to about two months ago (They have nothing too do with Praqcuis):

A savanna with a small marshhighlandsjul18011318684.png:A

A Dubai-based desert city.


A little tree by the highway:



That's all! More Praqcuis when I get some spare time! Oh, and I've been thinking, I might start a Sensational Six-style CJ set in 1880-90 Utah. Tell me if you think it is a good idea and if you give it the green, look out for The Lone Trader, a CJ in the Wild West!


Oceanolympics bid Part 3

Hi all! ggamgus said I needed some facts to qualify, so here they are! Oh, just warning you, there will not be many pictures)


Jeunne Fenoire was founded in 1543, as a small town with little importance (See my History of Jeunne Fenoire and upcoming Jeunne Fenoire through the ages). From about 1603, the town grew in importance, and became a popular stop for traders going from Annue, a large city in Cartre. By 1687, when the city was over 100 years old, tragedy struck- The Black Death. Luckily, only about 4000 people were killed, and soon vanished. A theory put up by a Dr. Je'ammelle, is that traders from London brought the epidemic. During the Napoleonic Wars, since Praqcuis was in fact founded by both England and France (but has a more French culture) and secretly supported both sides. Praqcuis is neutral, but was invaded by Germany, but eventually won. The nearby nation of Sud Bosen (German for south evil) has made war threats, but war breakout is unlikely.


Today, THE entire historical area (which makes up about 80% of the city) is a UNESCO world heritage site. It has an efficient public transport systems, one of the highest capita per person on Earth and it's education is in the Top 5, as well as being the second most ecologically friendly city on Earth. Wow!

Here's some pictures of the city:


Yeah, if you like my CJ you will have seen this all before:



Oceanolympics bid Part 2


The city of New Paliston's Oceanolympic team are all in hospital, when going to the bidding in Jeunne- Fenoire, their private jet was hit by an unknown object and crashed in about 153 miles away from the base of the Praqcuisian Alps. The Paliston Pink Panthers are in hospital with minor injuries. They cannot participate.

Anyway, at least Jeunne Fenoires will be able to bid! Here is a picture of the Royal Pool ( Indoors)


Here is the sports park, which includes football fields, basketball courts and a Japanese garden, complete with a willow garden given to Praqcuis by Japan, one of it's allies.


And finally, here are some pictures of one of Jeunne Fenoires rural outskirts, the village of Annexe to be exact, located on the shores of Praqcuis's second-largest lake:



That's all for now, ggamgus, I pray that this will get in! (Please notify me via comments) Oh, and thanks to everyone who commented in the last entry, I will give a reply in the comments section when less than 3 people have commented. Bye!


Oceanympics bid

Sorry for not being able to update recently or comment! I've been on holiday. Here is the oceanolympics bid for Jeunne- Fenoire and New Paliston. I will post pictures of the Royal Pools and Le Paliston Pools later, as well as the two stadiums and pictures of Paliston Bay and Loch Lamonch/ Aurele River in the afternoon, though for now, here's the bid logo:


That's all for the moment, though keep a lookout for the pictures of pools, stadiums and waterways later this afternoon and tomorrow, I will be showing the pictures of Fort Shulmaniplex (Obvious tribute the glory of Schulmania and The Wirdleplex). Please rate, comment and tell your friends, family, cats, dogs or any random hobo (If they have a computer) on the street that the newest update of The unitedkingdoms of praqcuis IS NOW OUT!


Praqcuis Replies:

Schulmanator: Thank you! It's always nice to have a proffesional to say something positive on an amateur CJ!

Huston: Thank you for the feedback, I actually did that on purpose, but anyway...

Hi all! Today we are going to witness two events in the history of Jeunne Fenoire!

Event 1: The Founding

It was a cold, dreary night, and the small coach wound it's way through the small trees. King Charles ll shivered, and glanced out the frosty window. He saw a shining light, gleaming out of the pines. He ordered his driver to turn around and stop. He got out, and found a small piece of opal, glittering in the rising sun. That is the story of how he started the city, and in two years time, he started construction:


That's all we will see of medieval times, but we are going now to witness another glorious day in Jeunne Fenoire's history:

Event Two: Completion of The Guardians Column.

I'm going to keep it short, but the Guardians Column is the tall statue at the very, very center of Praqcuis, built for the World Fair in 1894.


Sorry about the car sign. Anyway, whoever can answer this question gets to rename a kingdom of their choice! (I'll put it into french)/

When was the world fair held in Paris, France AND which British town is medieval Jeunne Fenoire based on? Clue- It used to be a Roman occupation.

Please rate, comment and give constructive feedback. Bye!


Praqcuis Replies:


Hello all! Today we are going to the wondrous city of Jeunne Fenoire, Capital of Soffale.

The VERY center of Praqcuis


His Majesties Junction, on Majesty Street, the busiest street in western Europe.


Coming up next on tomorrows entry: Special Entry: History of Soffale and Jeunne Fenoire.

Thanks for viewing, and please rate, comment and give constructive criticism and feedback!


More Meadows!

Praqcuis Replies:

Huston: Thank you! It's nice for professionals to comment an amateur CJ's!

NMUSpidey: Gosh! Thanks! There will definitely be more to come!

Today we are going to go to the kings summer palace. This palace is more than 400 acres of land area and contains a huge courtyard, lake, forest and even a botanical garden. Here we are...

The Grand Entrance


One of the many courtyards on Praqcuis Independence Day


Well, That's all folks! and remember to rate, comment and give constructive criticism! Au revoir!


The Meadows of Soffale

Praqcuis Replies:

10000000000000: Thank you, I know it got a bit repitious. My four main inspirations are: Corsica, Insulo, Schulmania and The Republic ofSchakkopf.

Whysomadyo: I know, sometimes they can be a bit finicky, and thanks for supporting my CJ!

SmartbyLaw: Wow! I'm flattered! Thanks very much!

Today we are going to the lush meadows in the kingdom of Soffale, near the king's summer palace. While one side of Soffale is made up of the Praqcuisian Alps, one of the highest mountain ranges in Europe, this side is lush, flowery prairie and forest, so let's go!


Thanks again and please rate, comment and reply and give constructive criticism!


Praqcuis replies:

ee99- Thank you very much!

ggamgus- Thank you very much, I'll keep that in mind!

Schulmanator- Great! Well here they are...

Hello everyone! Today we are going to the island village of Alba de Tormes, which you saw in a teaser yesterday.


Alba de Tormes is one of the only two places on Earth were Nemean pigs can be bred. Nemean pigs are a species of black or red pigs used to make the enormously expensive Nemean Ham, only served at the finest restaurants. They must, to meet the qualifications: Listen to Mozart ( : for 2 hours a day, graze around the paddocks on the island for 12 hours, and go to sleep. After repeating this for 14 months, they are slaughtered with a granite knife. Here, you can see them grazing:


That's all for today, but here's another little teaser for tomorrow: (By the way, I will be doing entries on the things I have shown you in yesterdays entry, after that, I will show you New Paliston, capital of Cartre.


That's all folks!


A teaser

Praqcuis Replies

ggamgus- Thank you!

The lighthouse of Blancfalaise (Whitecliff in french), a small cliff side farming community in Cetares.


The small town of Alba de Tormes in the Praqcuisian Islands.


And a meadow in Soffale:


Thanks, and please rate, comment, keep in touch and give constructive criticism as I will upload every few days!


The Region

As you probably already know, Praqcuis is divided into four kingdoms- Cartre, Soffale, Cetares and The Praqcuisian Islands. During this CJ I am going to mix between each kingdom. I'm using a variety of custom content, especially Porkissimo and Xannepans wonderful Parisian lots. I have only been playing SimCity 4 for a few months, so I'm not to sure how to make a large region, any suggestions? Anyway, heres a picture of a church in The Praqcuisian Islands on the small island of Carderes ( Picture attached). I hope you enjoyed this upload and I am always open to feedback and constructive criticism. Please rate and comment and tell your family, friends and dogs and cats. Bye!


Introduction: Info

Hello, and welcome to my first CJ- The United Kingdoms of Praqcuis.

I'm afraid I won't be able to show any teasers, but here's some background info-

Name- The United Kingdoms Of Praqcuis

Official languages- French, English, Spanish, Portuguese

Kingdoms- Cartre, Soffale, Cetares and The Praqcuisian Islands

Founded- 17 November 1609

National Anthem- Praqcuis is Our Fair Country- Praqcuis est notre beau pays

Currency- Praqs, Francs, Praqets and Praquites

Capital- Jeunne- Fenoire, Setares, Caspiaus and New Paliston

Government- Monarchy, Democratic

Population- 11 million

Please rate and comment, there will be an official entry with pictures next time!

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