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About this City Journal

The city that blooms, into a huge Australian metropolis

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AAMI Stadium, the major stadium in Wyndard, and is home for Commonwealth Games 2004, and will be home for

2016 Summer Olympics.


Rising Wyndard skyline, including the famous 434 Second Tower and The Gherkin. The vacant land directly south from the city, near the bridge will be developed as a waterfront apartment precinct.


South Cross Station, the busiest bus station in the city, serving over 70 million passengers every year. The Station is located right in the middle of Wyndard City Centre, with a quick walk to Wyndard's tallest tower, the City Hall and many of the inner city metro stations.


Spencer Street Station is a brand new bus terminal, which it was built in 1996 with a metro station next door. Spencer Street Station serves over 35 million passengers every year. The station is located at north-west fringes of the city centre.


South Yarra, with its famous Little Grey Street and obviously, its famous double decker buses. Almost all of the old and historical buildings along Little Grey Street will be demolished and replaced with medium density highrises to relieve the population growth.


Spencer Park, the famous park which it was built in 1896 and it is still a popular hotspot area for meeting up, or local cafes and night lifes surrounding the park.


The north-western parts of the City Centre, and Spencer Street Station is visible in this map (north-west corner). You can see the Government House (which it is located at the top right corner.


[ Indroduction ]

Welcome to the City of Wyndard, or preferably Wyndard Metropolitan Area, with the population of over a million people and is still growing at a cheetahs' pace. Wyndard have one of the longest history, dating back to the Settlement of Wyndard in 637 A.D. and is home to the famous Fort de Florenac, the French outpost in the city centre which it was built in 1776. The social life in Wyndard is really diverse, and varied compared to other metropolis. Wyndard skyline is still growing, despite of lack of spaces in the CBD area; and considering its lack of space, it is another reason why South Yarra (South Wyndard) skyline is growing to join the city skyline. Wyndard's main river - Yarra River, and it is an icon and "story" about Wyndard, with so many 19th/20th Century brick bridges over the river and there are only one modern bridge - Western Bridge which it was built in 1987. Wyndard have so many dual-lane motorways around the city, and almost all of them connects directly to the city centre from the suburbs or industuries. Wyndard have two airports, and both of them is less than 5 kilometres from the city centre.

Public Transport of Wyndard is extremely crazy, over 35 bus lines cramming together into one city, and around 24 buses start its line at either two major city centre bus terminal - South Cross Station and Spencer Street Station and connect it to the suburbs. There are two suburban bus interchanges, one at Castlecrag and one at Ascot. Wyndard bus network is one of the best in the country and there are five metro lines around the city, all connect to the city centre. Sixth metro line are currently under construction, connecting from Wyndard-City Airport to Wyndard International Airport via five city centre metro stations. Government promises to build 10 new bus routes, 5 new metro lines by soon as possible, to ensure that Wyndard is still have a world class public transport.

Government earns $5 million per turn, and at the moment Wyndard have the budget of over a billion dollars - thanks to the extenstive development of industuries and tourism. The such revenue have allowed the Government to build two major stadiums in Wyndard, both at South Yarra. One stadium - AAMI Stadium, a soccer stadium and Yarranow Stadium, a football stadium. There are so many local small sporting facilities around the city - especially tennis and basketball.

I'll spam you a few of facts about Wyndard before "officially" start the CJ.



Country Motto: homecoming Victoria


City of Wyndard





DENONYM (for Wyndard)

Wyndawegian or Wydsies


Elizabeth & City of Charlotte


Victorian Dollar (v$)



(for example: www.google.co.vic)

Official website: www.wyndard.gov.vic (fake)


AIRPORTS (Wyndard)

Wyndard International Airport WYD Domestic / International

Wyndard-City Airport WYC Regional / Airbase


Mater Hospital (South Yarra)

Royal Wyndard Childrens Hospital (Draughlin)

Royal Wyndard Adults Hospital (Draughlin)

Royal Wetlands Hospital (Wellington North)

North Wyndard General Medicial Centre (North Wyndard)

Extra Medicial Services

Wyndard City Oral Health Centre (CBD)

Wyndard Cochlear Implant Centre (Gladesville)

All Hallows General Medicial Clinic (Wavell Heights)

Wellington City Oral Health Centre (Wellington CBD)


Silverwater Grammar (Castlecrag)

Egobkin Hills Grammar School (Castle Hill)

Wyndard Grammar School (South Yarra)

Wyndard City College (Wyndard City Centre)

Dudley Hill Private School (Dudley Hill)



Summer 22.5 degrees

Autumn 17.5 degrees

Winter 3.6 degrees

Spring 16.8 degrees


Wyndard Metropolitan Area Map [As of August 2011]

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