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About this City Journal

Short Stories about the amazing adventure of the Roman Empire.

Entries in this City Journal

Ronnie Ray



Here you can find stories on the lives of normal citizens. From time to time, you may get teasers on my other city journals, so I hope you enjoy reading.

No main charaters will make any apearances accept in the occasional cameo.

The purpouse of this CJ is the storyline. My goal is to inform you as much as i can on my city. New characters will appear. I want you to feel as if you are in my city. I hope you are succesful. :lol:

Table of contents:

Season 1: The Pikachu of the Roman Empire

Season 2: The Bulbasuar

Season 3: Jerusalem

Season 4: The Return of the Warriors

Season 5: The Kingdom of Palestine

Season 6: King Nebuchnezzar

Season 7: Prince Arceus

Season 8: The Pokemon Palace

Season 9: The Tower of Babel

Season 10: King Solomon

Season 11: The Roman Empire...

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