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About this City Journal

A United Archpelagio of islands

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The Isle of Triumph is a smaller island east of Telbos City. Manufacturing dominates the economy of this isle.



This Ferry Dock is identical to all other docks across the island group. They link all the inhabited islands, allowing for cheap and easy transportation


Hi all!!! This is my first city journal so please bear with me....

The Republic of Telbos was founded about 20 years ago, created from a group of islands that were once independant nations. The country was run by a parliament and a prime minister. The capitol and largest city of the nation is Telbos City (yea, creative name, isn't it?)

The country is fairly independent, farming about 70% of it's own food and manufacturing many key goods. The only international airport is located in Telbos City, as well as a small seaport.

Hopefully pictures to follow!

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