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About this City Journal

The story of the hopefully great Nation of Milhent

Entries in this City Journal


Once the new Sims had found Milhent they thought of a master development plan for the little country so it would not become overcrowed like the ill-fated SimNation. There plan was to keep the population at a steady level for as long as they could. Well, I guess you'll just have to see for yourselves...

Milhent Develepmont Master Plan

Keep Steady Population Density (5 to 10 per Square Kilometer)

Steady General Population (10000 to 25000 Sims)

Divide Into Developments (3 to 6 different Housing Developments)

One Single Goverment (One Chief of State, Ministers of Finance, Education, Supply, Industry, Safety)

Steady Trade (Value of Imports = Value of Exports)

Maintained Ports of Entry (Functional Airport and Seaports)

Park And Recreation System (Parks In Every Development and a National Park)



A New Beginning

Milhent. A land unknown to anyone exept the tigers and monkeys that live on it.

Unknown until now.

About 50 years after the War the planet was rebuilding itself and Sims were coming out of their radiation shelters. Because there was so much destruction only about %5 of the 9000000000 Sims on the planet had homes. So, a very, very brave group of Sims set out on their boats looking for a land were they could live in peace. They found the small penisula/island of Milhent.


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