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Austin- a large seaside city in the plains reigon of my SimCity Deluxe game. with a population (trust me this is good by newby standards) over 141,000 residents, and over $10,000,000 in it's treasury. The southwest corner of Downtown, includes Th EA Sports Stadium, most of the financial district, Antwerp beach, And the entrance to Highway 19. the much less interesting southeast corner, holds a small financial district, slums, Mount Walter Volcanic City Park, George's Beach. The beautiful northeast corner of town includes The Regal Neighborhood, where the richest of the rich live. Also, there's the Austin Airport, the Austin Welcome Center and muesuem, a pretty sizable chunk of Highway 19. The fairly ugly northwestern corner is home to the industrial park and the city farms. Now, incased in the northeastern corner is the relativley small but rich town of Harrisburg.

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