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About this City Journal

Cities and towns crafted by greckman.

Entries in this City Journal


A look at Rendon

This time I'll show you Rendon.

Here's the overview of Rendon. As you can see, Rendon is still growing and has lots of space for new development which I'll show in a future update...


Here are the oldest parts of Rendon...





When Rendon needed more commercial zones, the obvious choice was along the road heading out of town...


The little neighborhood of Riverbend grew up behind the retail...


The neighborhood of North Bend then grew on the north side of the creek...


There wasn't enough jobs, so the industrial area expanded...


The Rendon citizens had only one way into the industrial area, and of course, that one way was often congested, so a new bridge was built on the south side of the area...


And then the old way in was upgraded to a road...


The neighborhood of Bridgepoint was built on the opposite side of the creek from the industrial area...


That's it for now. Sorry I didn't have an overview shot with Bridgepoint, but something happened to the cp houses in the old residential area and the textures are gone even though I have everything in my plugins. I'll fix that, but to do so now would've meant that the trees would suddenly be infant trees instead of old mature trees.

Thanks for viewing and your comments...

-TC Greckman :D


Hello, greckman here. I'm also known as Towncrafter (or TC) in the SC4 Community, and it is that name I give to this City Journal.

In this CJ, I'll show you my towns, probably in no particular order. For this first Entry of my MD, I'll start with an area of Herndon. My next Update might be another area of Herndon or it might be another town. I'll do my best to show you all of Herndon... eventually.

So, without further delay...

This is Herndon...

Please click on this picture to see the fullsize of 1600x1118.


The focus of today's update is on the District of Eastgate. Eastgate is to the East of the old town area of Herndon and lies between Peylic Road and Eastland and the border of Herndon and East Herndon.


And now we begin our tour:

These pictures have been resized to be 1024 pixels in width. Please click on the pictures to see the fullsize of 1600x900.

Driving East on Peylic Road, we come to Eastland Avenue and the border between Old Herndon and Eastgate. We have the Eastgate Municipal Annex which has a police station, a fire station, and Herndon Library. Also at this intersection is Herndon Hospital and Eastgate Elementary. Herndon College is also here.


The shops of Eastland along Peylic Road...


Eastgate Sports Park...


Continuing south, we come to the main residential streets of Eastgate...


And finally, we come to the Eastgate Woods Park...


I hope you enjoyed this little tour.

-TC Greckman :D

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