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Pine Island Resort City Council journal log entry 1.01


please see entry 1.01 to include ariel photo with progress report letter from City Planner. The Mayor has promised me budgets will follow. - M. Diamond, Finance Advisor


...Simcity 2000; a mere college student then, started a island city called 'Fairview'. Played and updated the city inbetween cirruculm classes and durin' computer lab hours.

Fortunately, Fairview went from 500 sims to 8000 sims to well over 15,000 sims with just minimal Industry, Commercial and my obession with Residential areas. Four years later before I graduate Fairview surpassed my wildest dreams...

Simcity 3000 Holiday Edition was the birth of Pine Island, within a few days I'd amass 27,000 sims, obtain balance, high mayor rating and reap reward after reward.

Simcity 4, is the challege I've been lookin' forward too for years. I've debated for 7 years whether to play it or not amongst good and bad reviews...today the re-birth of Fairview and surrounding cities...today it begins....

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