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About this City Journal

A mid-sized 3.5 stars metropolitan Area!

Entries in this City Journal


Elian: 1st Entrie

Hi, I will show the City of Elian is. It has a population of 85.000 aprox.It has A LOT of traffic problems and a lot of crime in the airport 45.gif.

But people are still happy in Elian.

Elian in the region (red)


Elian 18 years after been founded and Serianopolis.


Downtown Elian


Until now I hope you like it.



Welcome to Serbias Metropolitan Area, the home of almost 420.000 sims!

Serbias Metropolitan Area (official name Serbias) started with a little town called Elian (Actual Pop: 78.500 aprox) in the west coast of Serbias River. A few years later another town called Serianopolis (Actual Pop: 25.000 aprox). It was the first town with a very wealth population, also founded in the west coast of Serbias River.

Until then the region had a population of 30.000 sim (85% Elian and 15% Serianopolis).

During the pass of the years more towns were founded like the capital of the region: Serbias City.

In the next entrie i will talk of the firs city: Elian Township.


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