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A new take on an old place.

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Start day.

I am a long time player of SimCity ever since the original version. I have never been very successful at this latest version though and have put it down in frustration several times. However this time I have found Simtropolis and have learned much about the strategies to making a great city. I figure if I am going to be here and I am going to be starting a big ambitious project I might as well share it with the community. I don’t plan to make up any fake history or tell any great stories but I will share my intentions, plans, frustrations and progress as I go along and maybe someone out there will find it entertaining or even learn some small tidbit along the way.

The title might show my age a little as it is a twist on a very old song but it is intended to imply that I will be recreating Jacksonville FL (JAX is the local abbreviation) not as it is, but as it could be.

The map:

I wanted to include as much of the RL city limits as possible which is a sizeable adventure and I found a map that would best fit my needs on the STEX.

NHP Jacksonville Florida By blade2k5 1

I also downloaded the SC4mapper program needed to make use of this map however I have as yet not installed it and figured out how to use it.

I will be using several addons and mods that I have discovered through the wonderful help of several members in the forum and will list them below.


Hole Digging Lots V2

God Terraforming in Mayor Mode

Teirusu "Rain Tool" Additional God Mode Terrain Tools 2 1


Network Addon Mod (NAM Version 29) for PC

NAM Retexture and Cosmetic Mod-North American Version (Windows) 1

Network Widening Mod (Windows) 1

RealHighway Mod for Windows 1

SAM - Street Addon Mod V3

JRJ Street side Mod

Street Side Mod for SAM

Street Side MOD for MAVE-4 1

High Speed Rail Project Windows

Roadtop Mass Transit V3 Installers 3

GLR Station

Jono01 Steel GLR Station 1

SCS GLR Station 2 1

Cercanias GLR Station

Suburban Bus Stop Set 1.01

Some extras:

PEG Garbage Chute 2.05

PEG Pond Kit Deluxe Edition

Free Grass Park Mod 1


PEG PPond Terrain Props Pack 1 1

Radius Doubler Mod


SimPeg Agricultural Mod (SPAM)

Still looking at the additional SimPeg options.

So that is where I am at. I am still looking for a couple additional mods for custom park building and parking lots.

More to come, see ya soon.

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