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The unknown 51st state of the US

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blogentry-339772-0-36192900-1321233292_t A little sneak peak of what is up and coming.


In 1876 a territory in the midwest known as "Victoria Territory" became Victorialand after the federal government granted statehood, The capital was at a small town called laketown, which moved to Anderson in 1879, it was the biggest city until Joston-Garrett was founded, today Joston-Garrett is the biggest city in the state, with 4 million living there and another 12 million in the metropolitan area alone (1/3 of the state), the area is known as the lake area.

Biggest cities 2010 census:

1. Joston-Garrett: 4,809,165

2. Anderson: 678,981

3. Iroquois City: 401,233

4. Laketown : 397,404

5. Wellington: 201,766

6. Felicia: 176,457

7. Port Armstrong: 116,201

8. North Shore: 80,806

9. Fordham: 67,124

10.Canterlot: 55,906

How many MLP references can you find?

Even though, there is no cities to show, I am actually in the process of getting the game! :D

Peace out and comment if you are excited!