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About this City Journal

My first CJ!

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Total Population- 27,900,000

臨淄 Linzi- 7,000,000

長安 Chang'an- 5,000,000

灃鎬 Fenghao- 5,000,000

建業 Jiankang- 4,000,000

汗八里 Khanbaliq- 3,000,000

朝歌 Zhaoge- 3,000,000

下都 Xiadu- 900,000

殷墟 Yinxu- Destroyed


Official Name: 嘉義民主共和國 - Democratic Republic of Chiayi

Shortened Name: 嘉義 Chiayi

Demonym: Chiayinese

Capitol: 臨淄 Linzi

Currency: Chiayinese Yen

Official Languages: Chinese (Traditional) @ 63%

English @ 37%

Official Religions: Buddhism @ 71%

Christianity @ 29%

Demographics (Based on per #1000):

Growth Rate: .73

Birth Rate: 27.4

Death Rate: 7.5

Life Expectancy: 93.7

Migration Rate: -.16

Literacy Rate: 99.9%


Internet Code: .drc

Internet Users: 26,983,398

Phone Lines: 26,928,333


International Airports: 12

Kilometers of Railroad: 982,382

Kilometers of Road: 1,0309,383

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