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An American city in the heart of China

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New China was once a small, isolated Christian village in the center of China. Its population boomed when the nation went communist, and soon the government began to crack down on Christian practices in the area. When the citizens had enough, they asked the USA to intervene. Bound by a pledge to defend freedom, the US decided to assist the city through negotiations. However, things quickly escalated to war. When the city and its vicinity were freed, they quickly asked to be annexed. The proposal was reluctantly approved, and New China became the United States' fifty-first state, with the capital in the city of the same name. The city quickly grew to a population of over 1,500,000 with an urban population of over 5,000,000. The annexation had a very apparent positive effect on the USA. The thousands of new businesses and millions of new employees in the workforce helped replenish the economy and put the United States back on the right road.

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