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5 nations get together to drive their region forward..

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Gone but back....

This is not an official entry into my CJ, but I disappeared from Simtropolis for around...... 6-7 months due to my studies. Note that one of my older post dubbed "Flynn Estate" was done on my laptop (which is sadly now broken and cannot be used again, RIP laptop), so from now on I'm working on my computer (which I've actually worked on longer than on the laptop)

Over a few days, I will be posting one of my works into this CJ which is seperated into four sections dubbed "Isla de Isabella". As such, here's a sneak preview of the CJ (again, this is a diffeerent computer and also, I'm not good at putting custom contents).


Sorry if the image is not to your expectation, it's been to long since I've uploaded a picture. This is a 800x600.


Flynn Estate

Flynn Estate - State of Freedomland

Flynn Estate, one of the largest and last remaining private estates in the country, was built in 1850 by Lord Chester Flynn. Having started with nothing more than a hilly area with little fertility, it was not until 1855 did Flynn, who didn’t bear the title Lord by that time, managed to build a very efficient irrigation system and had harvested various precious crops.


By 1865, runaway slaves from the Imperial farms discovered the farms and settled there, being hired by Chester as farmhands. Since then, many people moved to the estate to make a better living than in the Imperial. In turn, the number of farms in the area increased and they have Chester Flynn nominated as the mayor of the town.


In 1870, Flynn earned the title Lord and built a large mansion for him and his family, which stood proudly in the hills and he built his own private plantation far away from the other farms. Lord Chester Flynn died in 1890, and his son, Reginald Flynn, took over his father estate.


During this time, he turned his attention towards industrialization and made distilleries that processed some of his crops into processed goods and also factories for making other products. He also built a rail system that connects Capital City to Timber Town, bringing lots of people from the two states. By the end of the prohibition in 1930, Reginald used his vast network of connections and took control of Capital City docks and a lot of industries in Capital City.


Reginald died and his heir, Horace Flynn, took over the reins. It was 1940, and the Civil War was at play. The region took over the Flynn’s assets on Capital City and turned them into weapons factories and munitions warehouses. By the end of the war, the Flynn had a lot of people at their estate that left for the war and never came back. Horace however, managed to turn this around when he struck a deal with war-struck cities by selling supplies and foods. Having making enough money, he converted most of the old factories into more modern and high-tech facilities in 1970 and made a lot more money than Reginald did. This last quite long, until Horace disappeared from the estate in 1980.


Nowadays, the Flynn estate is run by Webb & Rubadaugh Flynn, who continue the Flynn’s work in managing the estate. As for Horace, some said he died, others said he ran off with a young girl to Mount Vista. But a few people said that Horace still lives in the castle, looking over the estate……

Anyway, this is my first CJ entry, so sorry if it's a mess and have lack of custom content, please leave a comment. Thanks.

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