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About this City Journal

100 years ago a small village from which Sim Frisco Scouts were born. The entire region's youth program is SFC . Well 100 Years later the village was turned into a metropolis of progress!

Entries in this City Journal


The start of it all

The Year was XX00 and The small village know as Canal Port was becoming 90 years old and almost a town. But in March an Earthqauke that happens every 250 years happend called the El Poko. This Earthquake made the village sink into the ground and made a cave. They were saved a few minutes later by a town nearby called Houstonn. The National Guard from Houstonn came to the village and saved the people and created a tunnel to their village.Later the people of the village asked the only Friscoanite Eagle Sim Scout in the village and he said they should sell the land over their homes to the people of the north and let a city grow on top of their old homes. They wanted to be always be know as the village of progress!

The Northerners were happy to build and buy their land and started with the layout. So they asked the Eagle Scout for help so he created a main plan. The only problem was the canal and the Church of St.Canalinia both were in the way so they changed the plan a little bit and then they were done.After that they built a new power source ! It was called The Seismic Turbine plant. It used the constant small earthquakes to turn the turbines and also it collects radio waves and puts them to use and makes power too! That was the first progress of the village.

After That they zoned out the areas and what a surprise they got!

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