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The Rail Bridge

I didn't have time yesterday but I did something.

So I focused on the bridge and the surrounding area (I came up with some ideas driving around town :whatevs: )

1. I added the wall under the bridge. You can see graffiti (under the bridge is placed the entire graffiti - the other side of the bridge the crew is cleaning graffiti -> foto on the Blogg)


2. Bridge. Hmmmmm ... These concrete waterfront look ugly ! So I had to add something of my own :ohyes:

I added a set of traffic lights for the boats + some signs (random from SFBT prop pack). I added a metal wall and it came something like this -> personally do not satisfy me and I think I'll add something else. On the blog more retail picture.


3. Well, probably the biggest thing that nervous me now !!!!!!!


Maybe You guys have any idea on this? I don't have got any idea! :???:

For more details, I invite you to Blog


The beggining ...

Hello to all forum users.

I'm watching for a few years the beautiful pictures of people building their cities.

Now I'll try my abilities.

So I come from Szczecin and my city in the game will have a lot of elements from the real city of Szczecin.

Everything is at the moment testing phase. The individual elements are changing so that attracted my eye and fit the rest ofcomposing into one consistent whole.

Every day I change, I add, remove various elements looking for the best solution.

The city climbing to the top very slowly and does not yet have any numbers so I invite you to view photos and to comment on them.

Best regards

Luke M.

For all who want to keep track of my work over the city I have prepared a blog with photos and descriptions.

Feel free to comment pictures and entries


Any moment I'll do an English version of the blog.


1. Main station - on the left - package sorting facility.


2. The main station.


3. Main station with magazines.


4. A piece of main station area and rail bridge.


to be continued ...

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