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About this City Journal

The chronicles of the rise of the Dresdin Republic

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I am new to SC4 modding and to city journals so please bear with me.

Situated in an isolated corner of Sim Earth, The Dresdin Republic has been spared from the best and the worst changes in the world around her. Small farming towns and rural residents take little notice of matters outside the borders.

But that is about to change...

The newly elected president Fteha Muhlach, a student of western culture and technology, has proposed an ambitious plan to bring the Dresdin Republic up to speed with the worlds first-

rate countries. Inaugurating a council on economic and infrastructure improvement, the president is ready to lead the republic to a new age of prosperity.

The flag of the Dresdin Republic


The Republic owns all the land to the Southwest of the Lodge-pole Mountains. To the west and south lies the great Hering Sea. To the East lies the poverty stricken Principality of Prenushia and to the north, the savage Kingdom of Noubidu. The Republic is lucky enough to posses a massive land and sea locked area with five bountiful rivers and several prosperous island chains. These isolated conditions permeate a sense of self reliance into the citizens of the republic. The only scar on the landscape is Mt. Hellberg: a dormant volcano that has a past of burying entire villages under its fiery lava and ash.

An older map of the republic


The crowning glory of the Republic's natural wonders are it's forests. Stretching from the roots of the mountain to the altitude of suffocation, the forests of the Dresdin Republic are a wonder to behold.


That's all for now. Real cities coming soon. ; )

Credits: Map - Randland2 by Meldolion

Terrain & Trees - Meadowshire Terrain Mod - Meadowshire River Tree Mod - Meadowshire Coast Tree Mod & required BATs

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