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About this City Journal

A small city that is growing to be something big.

Entries in this City Journal


City info, future plans

Ok so Cortese is expected to become a HUGE city, but planes might change to leave it as a medium city. My hopes are for huge apartments and buildings grow alongside the river that runs through the middle of Cortese.

Hong Kongs riverside is a future example of what I want.


It is big and goes alongisde a river. I want to keep it as nice as possible, however I do not usually follow a certain plan on city building

I naturally do whatever I am thinking of at the moment. That usually makes a great thought city. Some more transit will be added as

time permits me to do so. Please tell me if I should make the city bigger or keep it like a medium city with a nice riverside. My mind

is going to riverside like Hong Kong!


I am the Mayor. Mark

Founded: 2/9/11

The start population for the town was at 2,000 when the expansion began.

There is 1 firestation

There is 1 Police Station

There is 1 Medical Clinic

and there is one High School that serves the whole are for now.


Some more areas of town

Here is another establishment with homes and a high school serving it. Across the highway is the offices and you can see some apartments poping  up in the area. Keep in mind Cortese is still growing!

sc4pic1b.jpgpicture2fl.png This little part of town is my favorite,with higher value homes being made and becoming busy is great!

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The start

Here is a quick look at Corteses small nieghborhood. You can see that there are many medium buildings and apartments poping up. A monorail station is there for transit and is working well with the highway I added.simcitypic2.jpg

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