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How does a master plan bordering on the obsessive/compulsive yield to organic beauty? Should it?

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A New Beginning?

[Edit 2/2/11 3:00PM: pictures reduced from 800pixels wide to 600. Hopefully I'm in the clear now? First CJ here - my apologies.]

The despotic ruler of the Reach Province has mysteriously vanished.  After 20 years, the dictator architect's master plan has not been fully realized.  Will the new leadership continue following the efficient but soul-less plan, or is it a new beginning for the region?  Vast swaths of unsightly undeveloped land exist - what will take their place?  What do the denizens desire?

The Communist regional plan provides provides the same basic services for all citizens: fire protection, and elementary and secondary schooling.  After 20 years of development for each city-state, few gaps in coverage remain, and will soon be addressed.


A number of agriculture based states support the two major population centers of Reach, the neighboring Raleigh and Buffalo.  Under rule of the former despot, each city-state observed strict boundaries, the only connections being roads reserved for official government business.  Under the current interim government, Raleigh and Buffalo have opened their borders and begun to trade ideas, evident in the bleed-over of opposing city plans.  The grid-based Raleigh, at 33 years old, has a population of about 110,000.  Residents have generally been pleased with the "honeycomb" module that has migrated within the city borders from neighboring BuffaloBuffalo is a city-state with a population of about 80,000, and like the rest of the Reach Province, has been in existence for about 20 years.  There have been grumblings of discontent from residents, regarding the recent "intrusion" of Raleigh's grid-based plan.


To the East of Zdeno, the flag-shaped city-state, the first "free-form" city has begun to develop.  Remaining stalwarts of the previous regime remain in the media, thus pictures and reports of this city and its new philosophies remain unavailable.  While the state-run media denies its very existence, there are some who say this new "organic" city is quickly building a respectable economy.  Detractors decry its lack of any master plan, and describe it as "a mess."

What do the citizens of Reach really want?  Do the carefully planned modules continue to spread across the landscape, creating a safe but boring place to live, or does the "organic" experiment continue, and possibly become an ugly shapeless splotch marring the otherwise rigid beauty of the
Reach Province?

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