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Red Stector A

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Modified Natural Growth.

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Initially a small fishing community.  Agriculure was next.


Time passed and three separate communities emerged.


Our growth was sudden and rapid and quickly out grew our current energy capacities.  It was imperative that we find a solution immediately.  Since our primary industry is produce it was only natural to export.  There is no connection to the north.  The Federal Government will not even connect us to Broxlingburg so we might as well forget about that.

Luckily for us we share the Bay of Peart with Canasim Nation.  The Bay opens into the Alexson Ocean which, ultimately, we expect to use for International trade with Europa.

Bonds were issued.  Agreements were struck.  Mortgages were tilted.  The Pier was built.  Grant requisitions were sent to the Capitol building in Cygnus, our nation’s capital for funding of a coal power plant.  Accountants scribbled, attorney wailed, and the citizen watched in wonderment.  Licenses were issued, regulations implemented, and bureaucracy was bureaucrasized.  

The City Council passed a resolution 6-0 that a new electric cooperative should be maintained--and run by the City Council of Red Sector A, of course.

The demand for coal went through the roof.  Red Sector A began to run a trade deficit with Canasim.  Produce was not going to pay for the coal.  Those 30-yr municipal bonds suddenly began to look risky.  But it was a necessary risk.  Energy is priority number#1. 

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