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About this City Journal

Ravenwood is the capital city of Carnai, a small country on the coast of Lake Nevar. A city built on mostly farming and manufacturing Ravenwood only makes it onto the map because it is...

Entries in this City Journal


Welcome to Ravenwood's Uhkchter Mountains. The mountains home to small villages outside of the city are not suited to build a city upon.

THese villages however find ways to create themselves in land half a mile above their neighboring capital.

Churches are the most common structures to find at the tops of the mountains.

St. Grocmire Holy Church

St. Grocmire Church

Located on the east side of the mountain weathering has almost no effect on the granite bricks

Bucham Holy Church

Bucham Holy Church

Located on the west face of the Uhkchter Mountains weathering takes its harshest toll

I hope you enjoy!



Kian Palace in Ravenwood. This is the central nervous system of Monarchy and Wealth. Those two factors go hand in hand in creating the #1 Empire in the world.

The palace is under construction in this photo, photos will be added later as the city progresses

Kian Palace

The palace grounds will take up two tenths of the city's total land area. If that doesn't scream power I don't know what will.

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