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Belford, established in 1894, is the largest city in the NWS (New West Scotland) with more than 700 thousand inhabitants. The city is aiming to become 1 million city, but the increase of...

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There is an international airport in the suburb 10 km from the city of Belford.
City and the airport are connected with motorways such as Airport drive and Westgate freeway.
Public transports are buses and taxis. Train is proposed. 



Westgate freeway which connects the city west, south western suburbs, north western suburb, and the airport.

Mortorways from several areas connect this freeway so there are 4 lanes in each direction (8-lane total). Even this, traffic congestion often occurs in the morning and the evening rush hour on weekdays. 


City centre


City Centre CBD vied from the north

You can see High street with 6 lanes at the middle of this pic. There are some historic buildings between high-rise office buildings.

Also there are department stores and shopping complex buildings.


Detail of the above picture. There are British traditional buildings at the middle. There is Central Library across the street.

This Miller Street is eastbound one way with 3 lanes.


City of Belford at night (from the south)


City viewed from the east

City is divided east and west by the elevated motorway, "Belford urban motorway." The western part (upper) is City Centre and the eastern part (lower) is City East. Both are the largest CBDs in the city and the region.


City East Square in the centre of City East CBD between high-rise buildings. 

The street from east to west (top to bottom in this pic) is High street and south to north (left to right) is Queen Street

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