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About this City Journal

Libertyville is nestled around Liberty Sound, an area that resembles the Pacific Northwest of the United States in its geography, typography, climate, and nature.

Entries in this City Journal


Welcome to Libertyville.

The City of Libertyville spreads across the Liberty Sound and is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and water. The area of very similiar to the Pacific Northwest of the United States in its natural landscape, history, and culture.

The Liberty Sound is one of the most majestic waterway in the world. Its smoothly twisted coastlines, countless peninsulas, lovely islands, and rustic feel make it an extremely popular place to live, work, and visit. A typical view anywhere in the Sound includes overlapping peninsulas, green hills, and the hilly islands and surrounding mountains that dot the horizon. It's never flat and never boring. Nearly every turn gives you a breathtaking view. These views make an area quite big look even bigger and richer.

The City of Libertyville is the biggest metropolitan area of this region. Its beautiful and balanced skyline injects another visual wonder in the Sound. Early settlers from Europe discovered the beautiful landscape, rich natural resources, mild climate, and built the city on the two sides of Liberty Sound. As a result, many beautiful peninsulas that are so central to the "metro core" are filled with beautiful and quaint homes like the one shown on the following two images. Libertyvillians often call these areas "old money." My journal of this beautiful area begins with these splendid peninsulas. Excitments await!



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