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About this City Journal

Waterdale is a large town (approx. 2.4 milion population) - And in large towns, strange things may happen - This is a journal of strange folk-stories, mystical events and other...

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Waterdale - The city of dreams! Or that was what the architechts said, when they saw the great, green fields in front of them back in 1632.

But actually, they weren't the first to live there. Let's go back to around 75'000 b.c - Just before the Weichel-Ice Ages.

Waterdale is in northern direction from Italy, so it was the perfect place to immigrate for the humans in Africa once. So here, in the middle of the rainforest, lived a small tribe in a cave.


The Cave ( Apparently just a bunch of stones - God, they must've lived primitively )

There has been found evidences of a larger city - Apparently, they've lived here untill the beginning of the Weichsel.

Well, back to the architechts. They planned the city to be along the rivers because of the transportation-possibilities.

Today, on the edge of 2010, the city looks pretty much like this:


Waterdale anno 2010

Waterdale is basically split up into 5 parts. The main part (Waterdale City):


The second-largest part (Waterdale East or in 'slang' - Easterndale)


The 'newer parts' (1940's) - Northern isles:


(There's actually 2 - Only seperated by a small river!)


And then there's the suburbans / the countryside -



The city is extremely popular and therefor wealthy - As you can see on some of the transportation systems;


There's many small details and much more to the city than the eye can see. - That's why i've made this blog about the daily urban adventures that the citizens are experiencing; read more next time! 

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