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Andrew City

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About this City Journal

Here is a new city I am starting from scratch. This is still located in the East Caliway region along with Metroburgh and Newport City.

Entries in this City Journal


Andrew City Beginnings

Here is my new city I've just started to work on. Enjoy ;)

Here is the main layout to Andrew City.


After Sims heard of the new, cheap place to live, people slowly flocked to Andrew City. What makes

this city a hit is that it's neighbor is Port au Mille.


After a couple years, the population shot up from the beginning 389, to over 10,000.


Here is the location on the East Caliway region map. Andrew City is located in the west and just to the east

is Port au Mille and Metroburgh.


This is the beginning of the Andrew City journal. There will be more to come. I have big plans for this city. Hope you enjoyed! Please leave comments below! ;)

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