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Old Strattorth

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About this City Journal

Old Strattorth will be a city built with a realistic city feeling. No grids, no skyscrapers when It's not worthy of having scyscrapers yet... . A lot of nature, a lot of natural city growth....

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Hi! Welcome to my Cities XL 2011 City Journal about my first town Old Strattorth.

16 Oktober 2010 - 350 inhabitants.


"Hello, we are here today with the brand new mayor of Old Strattorth, diScOpOlis. He will give us a short interview about his newly founded town Old Strattorth. Ok, Go ahead Mayor."

Mr. diScOpOlis:

"Thank you Misses...

... Welcome and thanks for checking by for my short introduction of my newly founded town Old Strattorth.

Old Strattorth currently holds 350 inhabitants. Old Strattorth is a medieval orientated town that will be focusing on the farm industry and the local industries.

Now for some visual presentation:


This first picture shows off the current aerial view of Old Strattorth. Notice that Old Strattorth is nestled in the middle of a beautiful forest. Surrounding all of Old Strattorth. I plan to further invest in forest-grow by planting more trees which result in more dense forests.


A closer look to the village center of Old Strattorth. Currently I'm low on a budget but we will be expanding step by step with the building of a church in the near future.


Here you can see the local farms providing food to the inhabitants. It's lovely to just drive through the lane and enjoying the local farms surrounded by nature.


And finally a picture of our local industry, filling up the need for jobs and giving an income to the locals. On the mountain is our Utility Center, that provides Old Strattorth of the basic needs.

I hope you enjoyed watching my first humble city journal and if you got any comments, I'd be glad to read about them."

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