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About this City Journal

Lightning doesn't strike twice. But tornadoes do. Surrounded by a dense forest, located in a treeless clearing made by a tornado, follow the story of Tornado City from start, to end. The...

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The City

 After discussing the possibilities of what to do with the newly discovered clearing, the region's Government voted to use the clearing for city space. And so, the city was created, and named Tornado City, for by then, scientists had discovered that it was made by the tornado. 


The first roads are built.


The completed zones:


All that was missing was some industrial and the civil services.


Stay tuned for the next post, when Tornado City gets some inhabitants!


Tornado City: Intro

Dense trees are everywhere. Everything is green. A dark shadow covers the bottom of the forest. This is Smithston Forest, which covers a large portion of my region.


Right now, in this section of the Forest, a storm is going on. Winds blow harder than normal. Suddenly, a tornado comes down from the clouds!


Tornadoes were highly unusual, and this one was fierce.


The tornado went through the woods, literally ripping trees from their roots!

In the end, it finally ended, and a huge clearing had been made. The surrounding forest was littered as branches, leaves, and sometimes entire trees fell into them.

So, as my region populated, and a scenic highway was being built through the woods, the builders were in for a surprise.tornadocityjan400128605.png

Stay tuned for the next update, and what the clearing is used for!

NOTE: if anyone's asking, the smoke from the last picture is supposed to represent smoke from the construction.

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