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About this City Journal

Newcastle is a megalopolis in the region of Plainlands. If you like skyscrapers, then you'll love Newcastle.

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City Check

 So far, Newcastle has been the most successful city in the state of Plainlands. We have just received a image from one of the army's satellites, and boy, isn't this city huge!


 Newcastle shares it's water, power, landfills, and roadways with neighboring cities. Now, being the mayor, I hate sharing my utilities with these cities who don't care about me at all. But, oh well. 

The President of SimNation was so nice letting the state of Plainlands construct a Interstate Highway System. This highway system is also good for collecting tolls. 


I'm so happy, looking at this monitor, seeing my city crushing all the puny blips on the map. But who says I'm a dictator? 

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