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About this City Journal

Seryville is a metropolis built by Major Trembland, mentioned in the journal: "Two Cities, aliens, and one War" Despite it's tragic end, Seryville has had a very interesting history that...

Entries in this City Journal


Seryville: introduction

Seryville is a metropolis that had a very interesting life. Seryville is actually mentioned in the city journal Two cities, aliens, and a War: www.simtropolis.com/cityjournals/ (first mentioned in the 3rd page)

This journal will teach Seryville's interesting life, which will show how it got it's downtown:


Wonderful Suburbs:


This journal will tell Seryville's famous story, from birth to death, and what Major trembland did to make this town the wonderful town it used to be:


Before that tragic night...


Hope you enjoy!!

...And for those wondering, Seryville's tragic fate is on the last page of "Two Cities, Aliens, and a war"

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