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About this City Journal

This is not on the Planet Mars, however it is a journal that follows the growth from a trading post in the middle of the USA after the expansion of America. Just to let you know, this is my...

Entries in this City Journal


The Founding of Mars

Dear Journal:  My Name is James Johnson, and the year is 1860.  I,My Family and 3 neighbors are on a mission to get away from the crazyness of New York City, with how crazy the city is now, imagine what it will be like when they start expanding even more, you can barely survive in that town.  Anyway, I have been scouting out the western USA to see if there is a reasonable plot of Land to start a new home, or even a new Town on.  I have decided to write at night, So Tomorrow shall be my next entry should nothing happen to me.


Dear Journal:  We have Found where we shall Settle.  The Land is fertile, and there is a nice Lake nearby with a stream that supplies us with fresh water, best of all, it is along the trail,  it is hard to believe that no one has settled here, I guess they just want to get to Saint Louis, and not get away from the crazyness of a big city.  I think we shall call our new establishment Mars..It just has a nice ring.


Here you see The first house and business in Mars,

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