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About this City Journal

Nice bay region with interactive CJing, map is called Wishbone Bay made by: Blade2k5

Entries in this City Journal


Greenwood Estates

The voting is stopped and plan C has won with 3 votes.

So I will show you guys the result of it and I will open a new Poll. I don't have much time today and tommorow, so I would think that the next large update will come on thursday or friday.

Well let's show off the result!

We will start with the newly build school of creative arts,

plus the new park that has been build next to it. 


And a pic of the park next to it; Sherwin park:


And then the Greenwood Estates, consisting of 3 buildings:



There has also been another Appartment build near Downtown:


The new football club already has 300 members and it has a large clubhouse with 4 fields.

Here's a picture:


And now the poll:

The council has decided that they want to expand the city's port (that only has a ferrylanding), but they don't know what to do.

What should they do?

option A, yellow. They have to dig away a piece of unused ground.

option B, green. They have to add a piece of land to build the port.

option C, colorless. YOU have to make an IDEA yourself.


I hope that you all have enjoyed this update! thank you all for reading and watching!!!!



Hello everybody here in the CJ section, I am tim.12.game and this is my journal.

I will begin by showing you all the stuff that i've done already, after every update I will list a poll. Your answers will affect the look of the city, so I hope that all of you guys will enjoy my journal!  4.gif

This is the cityview of Hale: 

sorry something is wrong

Here are some close-up pics:

We will start with the marina:


Here are two pics of the main rail and tram station:



And a pic of the Beach with some Appartments:


And now the poll of this entry:

The City council wants a soccerclub in our town, but there is also need for new housing estates, so what does the council has to do?

option A: Orange, the soccerclub will be located where some houses are right now and the estate will go on a unused piece of land near the railwaytracks.

option B: Green, the soccerclub will come behind the already existing appartments and the housing estate will replace some offices near the beach.

option C: Blue, the soccerclub will come on the unused land near the railway, and the estate will raplace a few houses near the railway. plus there will be a new school build to avoid congested schools and angry housewives.


I would apreciate if you would comment, and I will update the CJ in a few days.


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