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Jesse Swiss

This week in Augusta Beach is Citizens Week. Citizens week is a time each year that citizens submit ideas of upgrading the city to make it look nice and become more pleasant for fellow citizens. The following list is what all citizens of Augusta Beach voted for from 1st priority to last:

1. Put More Buildings downtown Below is a picture of old downtown and the new downtown.



2. New Shopping area on North West Island


3. Remove Un-needed Bridges on the Rolland River, picture of how many bridges there were before and now how many there is now



Now there is only 6

4. Build New University dedicated to industrial arts... Augusta Beach University of Industrial Arts


5. 20 More Avenues on the South East Island , this was the last project the citizens wanted


Big News is now released from the mayors office... the mayor held a press conference, in it he said that," The South East Island is now completed, all land was used to its full advantage.", The mayor said all his ministers at City Hall took helicopters to the island to make sure no extra space was being wasted.

View from Plane coming into Augusta International


Today's Traffic Avoider Spots

Rolland River Bridge heading itno the North West Island


Highway 13 Bridge heading to North/Main Island


Ugh 14.gif... why do i have to take that way home?

Jesse Swiss

Augusta Beach is a city with 1,875,000 people, and a country on a un-touched planet.

Brief History: Augusta Beach was founded in 2004 by geographers from the University of Roxtellop. Augusta Beach was used as a trading post for 6 months, for the next 6 months Roxtellop was full with people and could not build any more residences so the decision was final, Augusta Beach would become the Suberb of Roxtellop and would become a independent city when it hit 800,000 people. In the first 2 years Augusta Beach had 876,897 Residents and had started to build typical big city stuff. At the moment Augusta Beach has 1,875,000 people.

Statistics: Average commute 14 min. , Average Life Expectancy 89 years, Suicides 5 per year, Average Money Per Residence $87,921/ year

National Statistics: Country Of Ploropkosdok, internet code .PLO, Currency : Rock, Population: 15,986,519 Land Covered: 1,654,321 Sq.Km

Adult Literacy Rate: 99%, Official Languages: English 94%, French 6%, Average Money Per Residence $62,000/ year, Average life Expectancy 79

How about some pictures now!


Augusta Beach in 2005


Augusta Beach as Present in 2010


Map Showing different areas of the City: Green=North West Island Blue= Main Island Black= South West Island Red= South East Island


Downtown Augusta Beach / Main CBD


Housing Projects on South East Island


Traffic Levels on North West Island


Traffic Levels on Main Island


Traffic on South East Island


Looking South East


Downtown As of Right Now


Augusta Beach Football Stadium


The most populated road in the City... The Dreaded Highway 13 bridge


Rush hour on Highway 13 Bridge going to South East Island... No wonder why the average commute time is 14 min14.gif

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