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About this City Journal

Rich District is the host for the 2012 olyimpics. We are doing changes to ensure proper transportation and maximum enjoyment. Follow us to see our construction and plans.

Entries in this City Journal


 The Olympia Stadium is the most advanced on the planet. It has force field capabilities, rotating roof capabilities and can stand winds up to 720 mph! The RDTA (Rich District Transportation Authority) has been working on a multi billion dollar project to build subways, commuter rail, and high speed rail to the stadium by 2012.

Mayor Alfred has also started a tourism project by building a nearby zoo and golf club resort. He has also started a transportation project, adding more lanes to roads, elevated avenues, and the construction of the Timbuktwu Superhighway, a large freeway that is very important to the region. 2 Million trucks and cars flood the highway each day, breaking the world record. The mayor has also requested rest stops near the stadium for our large number of pedestrians. Each facility will have state of the art water fountains, self cleaning restrooms, and 3 led tvs with cnn. 

We want you to have the best vacation of your life. Our next project will be regional so you will really get a 5 star adventure. Thank you for visiting! 

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