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About this City Journal

A rural area in the Pacific North west is the spotlight of this CJ

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We continue our tour of Parker County with the Village of Downey. It is not one village but more of a collection of three seprate villages lumped together for governmental ease.


In the northeast is Fiji.  This is the smallest village, of only 30 residents. There are a couple of small shops, but most of the residents are farmers


a detailed view of Fiji

Just south of the bridge from Fiji is the village of Eldora. This is named after a local indian tribe that has since moved away.


most of the residents here hold high level farm managment positions, and they are able to afford the high cost of living here.

West of Eldora is the main village of Downey. A typical small town, everyone knows everyone else, and they love that.

Many of the rich farm owners live here, and they hold poker tournaments in their homes on a regular basis.


Also located here is the Tri-County regional rail service yard.


Broken trains from all over the region come here for a little TLC.

Having the service yard has been a boon for the esidents. Since they are paid monthly for their trouble, they were able to afford  new (and safer) rail and road bridges.


Here are a couple shots from around town:

This is the regionslargest soybean farm. The people of Downey don't particularly enjoy them, but they love growing them for yuppies who love soy lattes.


This is the local waffle house. It is especially popular with truckers.


                                                                                                Thanks!   Hope you enjoyed Downey!



Parker County. Dense forests, railroads and farming. These are all very important to the residents.  Many enjoy the crisp forest air, and the freedom that comes with living in the small towns. Today we are going to look at Clarke. Clarke is one of the county's smallest cities, and it is famed for its wildlife.


here a lone bear wanders in a clearing in the forest.

Clarke has a small buisiness district where many locals buy goods. There is also a booming tourism industry, as fisherman come for the legendary lake trout.


And beautiful Lake Clarke


These waters continually produce the regions largest fish

Many of the children participate in the local soccer league


As you can see, there are also many wealthy people here. Many of the mansions in Clarks are vacation homes for millionares, and they are empty most of the year.

Most of the year, the economy of Clarke depends on farming, and there are many farms North of the town


often times all of the trucks decide to leave at once, and this clogs the gravel roads


This is the freight station, always a busy place.


Here is an airplane view of Clarke


And a transit map



Thank you      i hope you enjoyed it

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