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About this City Journal

During a brutal war, the bustling cities of the South Pacific island nation Altonia were destroyed. But now a new town is being built in the center of the island. Will it flourish, or die...

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100 years ago, in 1910, a war broke out between the island nations of Thyrrenia and Altonia. Thyrrenia invaded the cities of Altonia, destroying them, killing people, and then using the land to build their cities.

Bombs were used...


...which created fires, burning neighborhoods to ashes.



Even coastal cities were bombed.


Along with farmtowns in the north



And finally, the capitol, Dezzaray City, was destroyed.


Not the stadium! Oh, the humanity!


The Thyrrenians built their own bustling cities, and ruled the land for years... that is, until a plauge wiped out their civilization.

Now, Altonia gets a second chance. So they start their first city in the center of the island. The new capitol, New Dezzaray City. Will the nation of Altonia ever be restored? To find out, keep reading this CJ!

New Update coming soon!

Special Thanks to: Wren Weburg for letting me use his region as a place for destruction, saving me the time and effort of building and destroying my own cities for the above pictures. Download his region "Maxisland" here: http://www.sc4ever.com/media/maxisland.cfm

Thank you for reading, please comment. :)

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