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About this City Journal

The region where everything is happen is nothing is'nt. A wonderful place to live (or is it?)

Entries in this City Journal


A avenue system creates a connecting between two big cities. Despite the heavy traffic, a lone petrol station is the only building for miles.

Above: Avenues connect two big cities. Despite all the heavy traffic, a lone petrol station is the alone building seen for miles.

Developers start to see the heavy traffic from all the commuters an opportunity for business and start building residential areas

Above: Developers see business oportunities created from all the passing traffic. They start to build residential areas.


Above: The local Wind Energy Power Plant the provides one of the big cities with power. New powerlines are built to provide the new town with substaincial energy needs.


Above: Businesses start to grow.


Above: Houses are begining to pop up everywhere.


The Beginning


The region where everything happens

49.gif Recruiting government representives now.

This is my first city journal so please tell me how I can improve.

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