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About this City Journal

this will be the archive of every district (small area), zone (medium size), and sector (huge tile) in the MM... all done with no mods or custom content: only Maxis files... read: SimCity 4...

Entries in this City Journal



Maxis made a masterpiece... SimCity 4 will be my all time favorite game game...

This region will show you the sims the way maxis released...  no nam, no mods, no custom content. Only Maxis releases...

it all started when i only wanted to fill every city in a basic starter region (1025x1025) area with a city.

planning took too long and started to look odd.. but i came up with a method for naming that i kept... although i swiched district and zone around


Large would be Sector, Medium Zone, and Small District

so i started a new region and called it: The Municipality Matrix... and decided to fill the whole map with a city region


it went rather fast and looked pretty neet so i decided to expand the region


the city expanded...


and grew more!


(new regions shots will be added to story)

i Click-filled (every zone and street (tried to say away from grids) so the sims are zoning what they feel would fit... so this is the sims city now.. a few areas will be planned by me but most are planned by them...

the smarter and healthier they get the better the city will look...

each area of the city will have a page with pictures, and each picutre will have 2 things i notice on them... most pictures will be taken with the same north as region shot.. if it's not you will know

i have a better story im working on but i might make it a movie...

check out SC4 unplugged int he forums...




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