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About this City Journal

Necarta was once a very small community of 7,000. But a grand vision has been realized and with the election of a new mayor, the city is poised to become a model in new urbanism design and...

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Editors Note: This is the third CJ I have created. The first two were of the Washington DC area which unfortunatly did not last long thanks to time. I am going to try to update this CJ as frequently as possible. Also note that some imagery that is seen (particularly in the newsletter) is not of Sim City 4 sources, but other sim games to help give some depth and interest in the newsletter. I hope you enjoy!


Necarta is a newly formed incorporation of many little towns spread across the area. Sandwitched by two larger cities to the North and South, the region went largy undeveloped and the only real sign of life is on the Eastern Quadrant where Interstate-99 Bisects the area.


Published below is the cover for Issue 001 of The Necarta Record. This is a periodical to give inisght into the news, sports, and lifestyle of the region. I hope you enjoy the content.

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