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About this City Journal

The United Systems of America, an alien race known as the Aurelians, and many dozen tribes inhabit this watery planet. The USA and Aurelians have been at war since 2437 CE, though a recent...

Entries in this City Journal


     Oh our glorious future, we are certain! Crush those in opposition and remove those unworthy of our vision! The mightiest nation in the world bows before you as we present our Gazette. It is against.... Government policy... to allow you to stroll freely about our beloved land. But here, take satisfaction in our great Premier, Valentin Gir!

Revised 720x540 Edition

720x540 Ditto

(( Though they may be a little large, I've reduced their size by a scale factor of 3/4 to stop the page stretching. I apologize if this is out of limits, but this is the best I can do without screwing up the text in the newsreels. ))


     Five years after the first Human contacts arrived on an archipelago named "Transamerica," peace and stability prevailed throughout the region. The first thing that Humanity decided to do was to erect hydropronic gardens at the peak of Mount Keo, a relatively mild mountain in comparison to the rest of the planet.

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Klondak Prime's healthy atmospheric mixture of oxygen and nitrogen plus an abundance of natural resources like timber, iron, and steel meant that safe, efficient settlement and development took off in no time! Below, Premier Taylor's Mansion is where the Prime Minister resides in Reefside Transamerica. Though ancient by Galactic standards, the Transamerican Loyal Navy's sole submarine is the U.S.S Trepidation, a heavily enriched uranium-powered vessel which can top twenty four knots.

The Premier's House

     Now we shall fly high above the Poseidon Sea, the area of water where Transamerica rests in peace!


     In addition to hi-rise food production and the Premier's curb, there exists a small-scale industrial sector paired with several thousand workers. Every hopeful day that passes brings this city something new, whether it be a family, military platoon, or even a neighborhood! Check back soon for a (Hopefully) better entry which will concern the two sister nations of Nuin and Yumakatamono, two Soviet-Socialist Government entities which belong to the Aurelians!

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