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About this City Journal

I decided to take up the challenge of five sisters peaks, even though it is my own file just to see how hard it is and all I can say is that it is very challenging indeed.

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I'm pretty happy with these cities, both have nearly 200,000 people in them so far and the region is building up nicely. Lots of skyscrapers and I like skyscrapers. Have some very minor wealth issues where buildings go down in wealth but in a city where you are trying to get a huge population into a small space this is useful, if a little bit annyoing. Here are some pictures of Peak Town.








The region population is currently around 390,000 with 190,000 people in Peak Town and 200,000 in Peak Town South and have only used two of the four flat sides of the lake. I hope to build in the hills as well. I will give updates for every 100,000 people right up to 1,000,000 and beyond with pictures showing what I have done. You can count this as a sort of demo to the challenge I set for people who took it up.

The next update should be when I reach 500,000 people. It probably won't take too long. It'll get a lot harder once a pass 600,000 so updates maybe slower but still, I think 1,000,000 is well within my grasp.

Thanks for reading this city journal

If you want to take up the challenge and build Five Sisters Peaks up to 1,000,000 sims, click on this link,


Hope to see you there.

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