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About this City Journal

This medium-sized city of about 40,000 Sims is located on the periphery of the Londres metropolitan region. Populated mainly by Acadians and North Africans, the city is a French-speaking...

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Parc des Braves spring

When springtime arrives, Parc des Braves and its meandering bike trails

fill the nasal passages of cyclists and hikers with the rich, luxurious

aroma of blossoming trees and fresh, wet soil.


Parc des Braves summer

Summer brings thousands of tourists and local pleasure-seekers to the park

for its many outdoor events and free concerts. This statue - L'ange de l'Acadie -

marks the main city-side entrance to the park.


Parc des Braves autumn

In 1873, Tracadie resident and poet-laureate Mahomet Boudreau wrote:

"An autumn day spent cycling in Parc des Braves is a gift to both the legs

and the retina."


Parc des Braves winter

Before the snow hits the ground each year, local university students spend

a few weeks cleaning the forest and preparing the bike paths

for the cold season. Winter cycling is very popular.




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