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Loic County

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About this City Journal

A small French-inhabited fictional region. Completely natural growth, very little future planning done! Follow me on my quest to achieve an aesthetic SimCity region :D. My first Journal!

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Welcome to Montrenes!

A beautiful little farming community, with a popular of just over 1,000, it is located amongst the luxurious pine forests along the Loic river. This town is an example of natural growth - no forward planning has been done to get to development this far!


Here's a photo of the main street running through the town. A few commercial businesses have popped up to service the demand for the farmers. Also, there is a small rural school and a medical clinic. In the bottom right corner you may see the wind farm, the power generators for the town. There is also the developing dirty industry sector to the left of the picture. Several of the citizens have complained about this, however it is an invaluable source of income for the town. The railroad runs almost parallel to the main street which is important for the growing logging industry. The speciality in Loic County, is sunflowers, as shown by the bountiful sunflower crops.


Close up shot of the logging industry.


Close up shot of the sunflower fields.


Montrenes celebrates the arrival of their first set of traffic lights! The street leading out to the industrial development was becoming too busy, and so a set of traffic lights were set up to prevent accidents.

That's all for now! Stay tuned for more :).

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